CP Scotland Annual Conference

Dr.Ailish Malone and Karen Brady attended the 10th Annual Cerebral Palsy Scotland Conference in Glasgow. They presented preliminary findings of Youth Experience Matters as part of the ‘Let’s get active’ session alongside Dr.Karen McConnell Queen’s University Belfast and James Czencz Australian Catholic University. They outlined what participation currently looks like for teenagers with disability in Ireland and the priorities of teenagers for future physical activity participation.

More information on the CP Scotland Annual conference can be found here

Karen will present at the upcoming World Ability Sport Conference in Edinburgh later this month where she will share our experience of developing and raising awareness of a national Delphi consensus study.

Information on the World Ability Sport conference can be found here

What did Round 1 tell us?

In Round 1 of Youth Experience Matters, we asked 3 important questions to help us understand what encourages participation, what stops participation and what ideas teenagers themselves had for getting more teenagers with physical disability active.

Altogether teenagers identified 30, 33 and 45 unique concepts for encouraging, stopping and improving physical activity participation respectively.

In Round 2, we now want to know which of the concepts identified are most important to teenagers with physical disability.

  • Really not important
  • Not important
  • Neutral
  • Important
  • Really important

The concepts that most people tell us are most important will proceed to a final ranking round to determine the ‘Top 10 priorities for future physical activity participation’ as told by teenagers themselves.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the concepts that teenagers have told us in Round 1: (* The importance of these items is yet to be determined)

” Making friends and developing friendships”

“Maximising mobility and independence”

“Feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about what others will think, will say, and how they will act (e.g., being mocked or laughed at)”

“The task is too difficult or challenging.”

“Have one place that information is visible and up to date, to help young people know what activities are available”

“Increase coaches and teachers understanding of disability.”


Tell us what is most important, we are listening! Round 2 closes September 29th. 



Round 2 Opens August

Phase 2 will open in August: We will share summaries of all the ideas and experiences that teenagers around Ireland told us. We want to better understand what is most important.

What really matters!

What kind of matters!

What doesn’t really matter!

If you have taken part in Round 1 and have not yet heard from the research team, please get in touch to ensure you can take part in Round 2!

Contact: Karen kbrady@crc.ie or 018542466

Phase 1 Success !

A fantastic response to Phase 1 of Youth Experience Matters with 116 teenagers right across the Republic of Ireland taking part and having their say!

Teenagers around Ireland have taken the time to share their experiences, perspectives and idea’s now it’s time for our research team to listen and analyze.

Stay tuned for Round 2 opening August!



Phase 1 Closes June 15th

Share your ideas, your experiences, tell us what really matters, help us change things together. Don’t miss the chance to have your say! Phase 1 closes June 15th.

CRC Interactive Wall

Have a look at our Youth Experience Matters Chalkboard in CRC, Clontarf. A big thank you to Sinead Cooney, Senior Physiotherapist, National Specialist Services and Kerryn Pollard Senior Occupational Therapist Clontarf CDNT for their help on constructing this wall. The children of the CRC love coming along to visit and write on our wall to tell us what is important to them.

Dublin City FM – Viva Vox

Karen Brady and Ailish Malone chat all things participation in physical activity for young people with physical disability in Ireland.